The Minnesota Department of Education is developing an updated technical manual to assist teams in making SLD eligibility determinations for students.  It will include legal requirements, practical advice, and theory that will guide teams in this technical process.  The manual is part of a larger training and educational effort to prepare teams to perform their jobs and implement changes to SLD eligibility criteria.  Alone, the manual is not adequate preparation for performing the tasks required to determine SLD eligibility.  The manual will be written at a level that assumes readers hold a working knowledge of characteristics of specific learning disabilities, measurement and evaluation, and data based decision making.


Chapters will be added to this section as they become available from MDE. As of April 2010 the following chapters are available:


Determining the Eligibility of Students with Specific Disabilities

pdf icon Introduction

pdf icon Chapter 1 Orientation

pdf icon Chapter 2 Overview of Scientific Research Based Intervention

pdf icon Chapter 3 Screening and Identification of Students for Intervention

pdf icon Chapter 4 Implementing a System for Research Based Intervention

pdf icon Chapter 5 Repeated Assessment and Progress Monitoring

pdf iconChapter 6 Modifying Interventions

pdf icon Chapter 7 Suspecting Disability

pdf icon Chapter 8 Gathering Data for Comprehensive Evaluation
pdf icon Chapter 9 Interpretation of Data

pdf icon Chapter 10 Deciding Eligibility
pdf icon Chapter 11 Ethical Standards and Practice

pdf icon Glossary

pdf iconDraft Template for Documenting System of Scientific Research-Based Intervention Plan